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Foreign cosmetics online shopping favorite domestic brand to strengthen the multi brand strategy

  Introduction: with the continuous expansion of the scale of the cosmetics industry, e-commerce has become a lot of cosmetics brand sales mainstream channels. Along with the cosmetics online shopping transactions increase, foreign cosmetics has become the main consumers of the chase, the domestic cosmetics are ignored. Domestic cosmetics to resist the impact of imported cosmetics, will be in the strengthening of quality assurance at the same time, strengthen the multi brand strategy.
  A lot of people online shopping cosmetics, Chong is the ocean of domestic cosmetics cosmetics, attention will be less. Can be seen in many cosmetics business platform, Dior, Estee Lauder, Clinique foreign brand such as more net friend's welcome. Although the prices of these products are more expensive, but reputation, more assured use up.
  With the development of foreign cosmetics brand to enter the market China wantonly, overwhelming the celebrity endorsement and advertising, which in China consumer awareness has greatly improved, business promotion, also like to use these brands as a stunt or title, easy to attract users and the beauty of people eyes.
  In fact, China homebred cosmetic brand also had the scene when, for example, households Yu Xiao Dabao, but they did not escape the fate of being a foreign acquisition. However, although the majority of Chinese cosmetics market is occupied by foreign brands, but still full of confidence to the development of the domestic cosmetics industry.
  In recent years the foreign well-known cosmetics brand is burst quality problem, to make a lot of consumer safety of foreign cosmetics have the question, aware of your cosmetics is not good, also raised the upsurge of purchase domestic skin care products. Steady improvement in the domestic cosmetics quality, favorable in the consumer reshape the good image, to create a good reputation.
  In addition to the customs in terms of quality, the domestic cosmetics brands want to break down the barriers set by foreign cosmetics, good to clear their own brand strategy. A lot of foreign cosmetics brands are now obtained success, not by a single brand, but has many different functions positioning, brand cluster. As the international chemical giant L'Oreal, its have cosmetic brands aiming at different consumption levels, different income levels and different skin care needs of people, can be found the brands they like. Therefore, the domestic cosmetics brands, according to the actual needs of the consumers, the introduction of multi brand strategy, in order to establish a brand in Pyramid, each consumer stage crowd capture.

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