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Make up market operation and maintain customers

  "To be done prior life", "sell your product, you must first sell yourself", "heavy in IQ, EQ" numerous sales marketing master, genius, in said of a great teacher to instilling principles and philosophy of these sales. This marks a simple question: the sale is people, people are emotional animal, if you ignore the feelings of people, sales could hardly succeed, so, how to deal with the relationship with customers, how to maintain a good relationship with customers, each of which is a sales staff have to face the. But playing with people, and is full of variables, because people differ in thousands of ways, the personality is different. Maintain good relationship with different personality, gender, temper of the customer, this is a university asked, have no bottom, about interpersonal relationship book is numerous, hot. It can be said that, in the current society, if can harmonious processing all kinds of relations, to a certain extent, you will be into a disadvantage, even summon wind and call for rain miracles is not a problem, the knowledge is too deep, not master the principle will be able to do so, apart from those deep aside, the author according to the time of their own in the makeup industry, summarizes some basic methods and principles of maintenance of customers, but also hope to the practitioners of the peer especially just entering the industry friends to give some inspiration.
  Politeness costs nothing
  The ceremony is polite, can also be a gift, are attributed to the ceremony. For customers, the basic etiquette and communication is a must, such as festivals, telephone and text messages to customers for birthday greetings, and special time, to comfort, it's the least. As long as these can do, can not guarantee guest feeling you have much good, can only guarantee the customer can not pick you not, you're not uncivil. In a word, this can basically maintain customer emotional, ensure that you do not have what negligence. Gifts, too, don't spend a lot of money, but have cudgeled one's brains, a thousand miles to send goose feather, map is not warm personal heart. Especially not clients, can put aside the utilitarian, persevere to give greetings and gifts, more praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct customer demand, not only then, if there is demand, naturally think of you first. 360 degree media Peng and his wife, this point in the industry enjoy great popularity among the people, every day can always receive their greetings and souvenirs, or auspicious ornaments, or dumplings, tea, do not return, but never or lack of, in the industry did not feel the warmth. The spread of a thousand li a day at 360 degrees, become the industry benchmark, we can not say, guest feeling good is a magic weapon for its success. So the author where ya Timmia company, the company up to the boss and employees, treat people, full of strong human touch, reciprocity, customer relationship has been very well, a lot of old customers since the inception of the company cooperation so far.
  Will do a favor
  "People respect my foot I respect a person one Zhang", this is the general principle of interpersonal communication Chinese, human who are not willing to owe owe human feelings, and must also. Will do a favor, let customers owe you, return on your way, only to give you would sell back. There are many small brand, fame is not big, quality is not see outstanding, but some dealers have not been abandoned, the brand is the chamber of Commerce to do a favor, let dealers feel shy to give up. There are a lot of occupation managers do poineering work, be poor and blank, but there are many loyal customers, to buy his account, money, help him to do business, this also is favor of the credit. Let the customer always feel owe you, everywhere to consider how to return you, why should I worry about your brand ignored while the sales are not good? Will do a favor, and there are a great skill. On the one hand to speak, words like listening to customers, all for the sake of customers. Do not have to deliberately curry favor with customers, but at least to the customer doesn't hate you, that there are opportunities for cooperation. As the saying goes, winter three sentence statement, verbal abuse a biting cold, to customers like it is the most inexpensive maintenance customer emotional investment, why not do it. On the other hand, let the customer know you or your company for him for his efforts and support, everyone likes to be others value, alone is preferential. Such as material ratio is twenty percent, if you get the clients twenty-five percent, the customer still scold you? The average person will tell customers our ratio is twenty-five percent, smart sales staff, will say we get you the twenty-five percent, distribution to the same scale, the customer affirmation of the latter are grateful. Of course, this should not be too contrived, nature is best, otherwise it is run counter to one's desire.
  Keeping faith
  Light snow must trusted customer most dislike is said to do, flicker, while many of the sales personnel in order to please customers to achieve purpose, often to the customer a lot of promise, then we are not willing to admit, not to perform, how many enemies and do not know the final. So, don't go to any commitment, so that customers will be more and more trust in you, the surface may be your relationship is not good, even disapprove, but from the inside of the heart still be recognized, after all, with your cooperation mental sureness. Before I had a colleague, is a sales expert, asked him how to get customer trust, he said he is mostly in refusing to customers. Because the customer requirements basically are in violation of policy and principle of the company to do, refused to customer shows the seriousness of company policy, on the other hand, he also actively think of ways for customers to solve problems, so as to obtain the customer's favor and trust, promote sales.
  Standing on the other side to talk about is the problem of the customer point of view
  This is a principle in sales and even every aspect of life, want others to accept your ideas and products, must comply with the principles of. Because everyone wants a cup of attention and respect, everyone want people to notice her, taking into account the concerns the problem themselves, so this one principle is particularly important. This is a principle holds, your program will it be possible to smooth implementation, otherwise the customer shall not be accepted, you again good ideas and views are not a role. At present, there are a lot of companies and the sales of product and marketing plan is very good, but often execute not bottom go to, there is a large reason is that these enterprises and sales staff too, too strong. Do not take into account the feelings of customers, forced to execute another plan, will let the many customers feel disrespected, disgusted, refuses to cooperate, leading to the enterprise plan abortion. Even under the pressure to perform, the effect will be greatly reduced. So, customer relationship will naturally nervous, if not well resolved, probably customers with you together and even parted ways.
  Can help customers to grow
  This is the most difficult to do, but also to maintain focus and the end customer emotional all principle, the customer needs to develop, need to grow, if the cooperation with you can enable customers to achieve this result, so customer you can rule by doing nothing, on the contrary, cannot bring growth to a customer, the above principles do again good, short-term for your sales, also did not see have much practical significance.
  In the sales process, we also encountered such a brand, the same is not outstanding, but the customer is willing to cooperate, through understanding, which is the reason of the brand's sales staff experience rich, often can bring new ideas to the customer, and the company also targeted for customer development in the process of problems and puzzles to give guidance. Although there is not much material things to customers, but in the company and sales personnel support, customer business bigger and bigger, wind, the sales staff to customer's guest, the company brand is also be used advocate push, customer emotional nature is good. Many such examples, as customers in the management process, will inevitably encounter various problems, sales, management, inventory, financial and so on, emerge in endlessly, even if your brand is not famous, not to give customers much material benefits, but can help the customer development, customer this is undoubtedly a very stable, even not how deliberately maintenance. This requires our marketing staff in my working process, pay attention to learning and the accumulation of experience, the concept and thought can not backward, often to the customer guidance, to help customers grow. To do this, customer relations and natural be nothing difficult. This one is the most important, if we fail to do this, the above conditions do again good, the meaning is not large also, customer relationship is fragile.

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