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Yiwu: build cosmetics trade early warning platform achievements

  Since last year, Yiwu City cosmetics trade early warning platform, give full play to the comprehensive information service function, information quality and the level of information to update the ability to further improve, the annual cumulative release "trade early warning", "exhibition" news 180, boosting the city cosmetics industry health sustainable development.
  The platform contains three function modules: one is the targeted release "trade early warning" information, remind relevant enterprises timely attention to changes in the cosmetics industry policy and foreign technical standards; two is a timed release "industry news", allow enterprises to understand the latest industry trends; the three was released "exhibition" in a timely manner, to remind the enterprises to actively participate in the Guangzhou, Shanghai Beauty Expo, the Asia Pacific beauty show and exhibition, continue to expand domestic and foreign markets. The platform running for one year, the city to the international technical barriers to trade foreign bulletin number is reduced greatly, because not be familiar with the foreign legal regulations and standards and lead to informed the problems of product quality has been further curb.

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