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China cosmetics market growth rate of decline

  This is the Asia Pacific region's largest cosmetics market. It is reported, in 2010 5100000000 Japan cosmetics market dollar hasn't been beyond. But for Chinese rate compared to recent market growth, Chinese market growth rate began to rise, from 2004 to 2011 increased by 11.7%.
  China market growth momentum in recent years such rapid development is benefited from the China billion plus population, especially China cosmetics market, the fastest development. It is understood, nearly two years Chinese to make-up market sales continue to improve, and some developed countries mature makeup market growth rate has declined gradually. According to the analysis according to Mintel global new product data, at present Chinese cosmetics market after Japan the second largest in Asia, the world's eighth.
  With the continuous development of social economy, people's income continues to improve, increasing service industry, there are more and more Chinese female consumers begin to face the problem, and thus began promoting the development of Chinese make-up. At the same time, the cultural influence of other countries also further stimulate the development Chinese cosmetics market. According to the survey, the purchase of cosmetics, make-up of the consumers are very focused issues, product composition effect protects skin function of brand quality problems. Of course, when consumers purchase value or cosmetics, make-up composition properties.
  Some experts said, the skin problems and the properties Chinese female consumers are factors hindering the China cosmetics, make-up market development. Every China female consumers would like to have a beautiful white skin, but the use of cosmetics, makeup is not much also is not universal. Because, they think synthetic components in cosmetics, make-up will cause some damage to the skin, so the more inclined to the pursuit of pure natural and anti-aging cosmetics and make-up. Therefore, the pure natural cosmetics and make-up in the Chinese such a huge consumer market is quite has the space of development.
  In addition, found in the surveys of consumers in a second tier city in some enterprises, there are 50% brand consumers' brand loyalty is not stable, may be changed by brand of cosmetics and make-up of the change, and over 25% of consumers do not have very favorite brands, and many consumers to buy cosmetics and make-up products in the selection of all tangled between several different brand difficult choice.
  Loyalty is not high on the make-up brand is an opportunity, if we can in the minds of consumers branded cosmetics brand image, is a great opportunity to seize the makeup of this big cake, can the industry erected a pole.

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