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Study of transformation situation began to beauty tools industry

  Many years ago, our beauty tools market is still in the development stage of the desert, not only the brand, even the production enterprises have less and less. In recent years, along with the make-up perfume market unpopular, beauty tools also slowly into the consumer's eye. Compared with the maturity of the market today, skin care, beauty tools market is still at the starting stage, single channel the vast majority of enterprises in the circulation of the main, there is no advertising and publicity trend, no terminal strong sales network.
  With the cosmetics stores open shelf area is continuously active, coupled with the increasing consumer demand for the development of beauty tools, this sub category is life.
  At present, the domestic beauty makeup market basically is in circulation products, in the terminal and not much recognized by consumers beauty tools brand. But there is also a part of the original in the circulation market survival products gradually in close to terminal, begin to do brand distribution. Therefore, now beauty tools business model may also face from the circulation to the terminal transformation, which is mainly manifested in the following three aspects.
  One, in the era of brand, price competition is is the lowest stage of product competition, only the high value-added competition can become way to actually create industry brand. Beauty tools market is experiencing the change from price competition to the value of competition.
  Two, the current beauty tools market products is not rich, the urgent need to surround the analyzing consumer behavior to product development. Change so beauty makeup industry needs to create demand from meet the demand to.
  Three, need to have the ability to plan the product beauty tools manufacturer, making buyers only with this one manufacturer cooperation, will be able to meet its one-stop shopping needs. Operations from a single category to integrate the whole series product line.
  In the global market economy stagnant big environment falls, my beauty makeup tool industry overall product sales outstanding atrophy. The overall market characteristics, have a lot of money transfer to other industry, there is a penny to input and fear fear hands feet, look not clear direction. Therefore, the choice is more important than the effort, for the development prospects of good beauty tools industry is one of the highlights of investment. In retrospect, the current China beauty tools development of market, the leading brand is still relatively scarce, revealed this information, for a lot of beauty tools manufacturer, the opportunity is very great.

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