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7 make-up tools don't lend it to others

  You feel generous enough, others ask you to borrow lipstick, eye shadow...... You can go all lengths to lend. You are so bold, have considered these cosmetics tool feelings? In fact, these humble tools are close you, casually lend to you but no benefit at all. Even if you are generous, this 7 piece cosmetic items, cautious!
  1, the smudge tool
  Cosmetic brush, powder puff, sponge ball...... Any direct contact with the skin, eyes, lips, tools, be sure to share your own! Or they will be a source of infection skin disease. Of course you will feel quite healthy, but dear, others might.
  2, Manicure tool
  Nail clippers, nail file and even wear a device, these seemingly harmless, actually hidden crisis. Imagine, one day, you accidentally scratched a hole in the shear nails, your friends use it also cut a cut, you another friend also cut a cut...... We say this, following your own imagination.
  3, the comb
  Although say now each person every day, take a shower, we naturally no lice, but those hidden in the scalp of microbial? Are you sure you want to share with others?
  4, all the makeup tools
  Eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow...... Generous Share these things what risk? The following text you imagine: bacteria found a new continent, eating the cornea, cause conjunctivitis. These micro bacteria, although you can not see, but it does not mean they do not exist (at this moment, your cornea bacteria are wandering).
  5, cream
  You are digging by hand cream cream or scoop? The latter sounds like a little more health. In fact, both bacterial contact. Maybe you are not convinced, say yourself before each painted cream will wash hands immediately, but you use hand sanitizer, you will not be able to handle all the bacteria killing? Light is the germs on your hands enough, really want to point "others" of the bacteria?
  6, bath supplies
  Staying in someone's home, the second day early in the morning of course need a shower to wake up. The foaming bath soap, bath ball, a superb collection of beautiful things of watching friends...... Can't restrain inner emotion -- hurriedly live! Can't use those! These and skin "intimate contact" objects, will be friends on the body of Staphylococcus transferred to your body.
  7, wash apparatus
  Your boyfriend suddenly you wash apparatus on the heart, he wanted to give his skin to deep clean, then, you close his mind, jiaochen lent him. Then, his body of Staphylococcus aureus in you home -- this is not romantic! If you must and who Share a wash instrument, at least two brush heads, the love you take another deep nor borrow.

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