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The low makeup mistakes you made?

  At work, see the wonderful Makeup: makeup colleagues get like flour, blush painted like a monkey's ass, his lips like a vampire... My heart silently swallowed an one breath, these low-level makeup mistakes you made?
  Hand and face color
  Delicate face and graceful figure, but took out a mobile phone, but there was a "grandma" hands. Blue veins covered, dark and rough. I heard that the South Korean star even thigh to Tu BB cream, next to the hands also care about it!
  Foundation piling on the face
  From the isolation, foundation, powder, concealer, Gao Guang these products can't piled up on the face. Use too much makeup products, will only make you like wearing a mask as strange. Daily work situation, choose for you the most critical steps, and will finish concentration below T word parts and eyes, other parts of the skin to be a transition can be.
  In the wrong light makeup
  Many people will have such a mistake, in the home is clearly at home especially perfect makeup, outside dumbfounded. In fact, you should make up in normal light, near the window is the most natural oh!
  Concealer to cover only a
  Concealer you only cover black eye? You're dead wrong. Evenly, smear on the Delta region under the eyes in weakening the edge, this will look more natural.
  Coated with mascara reoccupy eyelash clip
  This approach is wrong! After daub eyelash creams can make eyelashes become heavy, and stiff. At this time if you use eyelash clip is likely the consequence is that the eyelash along down.
  Make-up products are used for too long
  If your mascara for several years has never changed the words, then as soon as possible away! Beauty products have a shelf life, from several months to two years, after product composition, phase of the characters will change don't say, also easily lead to allergies, The loss outweighs the gain.

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