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Often make up the deterioration of skin is really false by make-up sequence is correct or not

  Many on the make-up do not know much MM think the use of cosmetic damage the skin, in fact, good cosmetics and the right make-up steps not only will not hurt the skin, or the maintenance of the skin, you make up the order right? Don't let up into a disfigured, come and have a look the make-up steps right.
  1 makeup before the milk or moisturizing cream
  It depends on the situation, most people only 2 choose 1, moisturizing cream / cream no matter how frivolous, will affect the efficacy of the makeup before the milk. Now almost all the pre makeup base milk has moisturizing effect, remember to smear sunscreen, and then on the makeup before the milk.
  2 liquid foundation
  Bottoming do after, on the makeup is the first step in the coating liquid foundation. As with drawing a picture, beautiful makeup need a perfect canvas, after the skin liquid foundation we have ready for the next makeup.
  3 Concealer
  Tu finished foundation, have a look on the face which defective parts need correction, local coated with concealer to cover.
  4 the loose powder
  This step is very important to decide makeup, can make the foundation and coated with Concealer lasting makeup face, also can let the skin looks more perfect, and prepare for the later steps on the makeup.
  5 draw eyes
  The eye makeup steps: eyebrow - >eye shadow - >eye liner- > Mascara
  6 painted lips
  The lips of the steps: Lip Balm - > Lip Lipstick- > Lip Gloss- > Lipstick (or don't like people can only lip gloss is good.
  7 on the blush
  If you need any kinds of words, then the first blush, then the shadow, the last high light.
  The right make-up order can play a role to protect the skin, there will be no long-term cosmetic skin worse, of course, in addition to make up the order, an important reason for the choice of good cosmetic and absolutely clean makeup is makeup the skin is not damaged.

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