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Wash your face every day, you really wash right? 6 myth self-examination, get rid of the bad habit of your!

  Of wrong idea: the morning wash your face do not have facial cleanser
  The skin at night and no contact to the outside of the dirty air, so the morning use water to wash it? Not! Even if he spent the night in the room, but there is still in constant within the skin sebum secretion, skin at the same time, the night before the use of skin care products in the oil has been oxidized by air, so also need to use facial cleanser to clean the skin in the morning. If the morning feeling relatively dry skin, you can choose some mild cleanser to clean.
  Of wrong idea: the blind pursuit of "deep clean"
  Face only need to clean is good, there is no need to blindly pursue the so-called "deep clean". The use of facial cleanser is designed to remove the skin surface of the dirt, sebum and old waste horny, clean and not daily deep into pores within the.
  Of wrong idea: that hurt the skin cleansing instrument
  Cleansing instrument has the advantages of good cleaning effect, than the general hand cleaning cleaner thoroughly, especially acoustic cleaning instrument, compared with other rotary brush head cleaning instrument has more advantages, can thoroughly clean the skin at the same time to ensure the skin from abrasion. The use of facial instrument every day can really improve the nursing effect, but if it is extremely sensitive to dry skin, or skin surface has multiple lesions, the frequency of use can be appropriately reduced facial instrument.
  Of wrong idea: Foam Cleanser than no foam facial cleanser washed clean
  Facial cleanser clean power and cleaning effect and it Is it right? Frothing is not much relationship. The main factors to determine a product cleaning cleaning agent in the formulation, that is to say, even if a product presentation emulsion texture, but contains a lot of soap, the cleaning force and sebum stripped of its force will be very strong; on the contrary, a rich foam cleansing products if the use of surfactant of amino acids as the main cleaning compositions, it is still a very mild skin.
  Of wrong idea: don't also use make-up remover products
  Cleansing products clean power is relatively strong, so a lot of people think, when serious air pollution without make-up remover products also need the help to enhance the cleaning effect. In fact, if the morning makeup to go out, do not use makeup products, with UV Defense products touch up repair Yan and waterproof function, night do not need to use a special remover products to clean the skin. Excessive cleaning will be necessary to wash away sebum the skin's surface together, the destruction of skin barrier function, lead to rough and dry skin, sensitive.

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