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How foolish Cinderella by white sweet makeup capture Wang Zixin

  Disney live version of "Cinderella" recently hit, onto the big screen in the classic fairy tales, in addition to have a familiar plot, there is beauty and finery Cinderella as aspect. As stupid white sweet fairy tale version, in reality, how do you like Cinderella captured the prince's heart?
  Fresh natural finish
  Cinderella is a well-known dignitaries from the identity of the princess, down into a vicious stepmother and sisters object of bullying, but despite this innate beauty but still can not hide. So elegant and became the key Cinderella bottom makeup, fresh and natural is beautiful.
  1 select the thin and close to their own color makeup base, can make it with docile cosmetic cotton by pressing gently coated open, make its natural integration with the skin.
  2 with two kinds of color, Concealer powder, first from deep to shallow mixed cover blemish.
  After the 3 set makeup powder again, pay attention to the overall makeup face clean, avoid oily, timely use oil absorbing paper to absorb excess sebum.
  Good complexion ruddy
  Every day in the stepmother's destruction be fatigued with the journey, Cinderella ruddy good complexion and the role of the beauty features a lot of extra points, even in the daily makeup, the makeup is also sweet essential.
  1 in order to appear nude makeup effect natural ruddy, permeate muscle liquid or cream blush to bottom, becomes more natural.
  2 finger pulp gently will blush smudges or bleeding in the cheeks, from temple to slant downward through the cheekbones, cheeks to arrive inside, the effectiveness of face and create a good look at the same time.
  3 between the lip a petal pink lips, inevitable is the magic weapon against good complexion, and cheek against the natural and harmonious, sweet to the.
  Xiu Liping frowned and
  Despite the stepmother sisters endless bullying, but it does not bring Cinderella should sickly, double the eyebrow which is still a secret to Yu Na in high spirit but flat and close to the.
  1 Brown eyebrow, the blonde in the background is not too dull and heavy, also can instantly ascend spirit, showing the positive energy full.
  2 trimming eyebrow, attention will be raised eyebrow trim parts, only slightly slightly higher than the both sides can avoid high eyebrow eyebrow, forming sharp sense.
  Unwanted hair trimmed 3 eyebrow around clean, so that the overall makeup more clean, shining.

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