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2015 Chinese Cosmetics Expo

  Hold time: 2015/5/19---2015/5/21
  Expo: Shanghai New International Expo Center
  The exhibition area: 138000 square meters
  The exhibition hall: E1 hall, E2 hall, E3 hall, E4 hall, E5 hall, N1 hall, N2 hall, W1 hall, W2 hall, W3 hall, W4 hall, W5 Hall
  The Expo has been done: 20 session
  Expo expo:
  Uphold the success for more than ten years, the twentieth session of the China Beauty Expo will once again leap in 2015, to create a record, reaching 120000 square meters exhibition area, 6000 international standard booths, join, international exhibitors Qili momentum, the position of industry leader Zoran tiancheng.
  Expo exhibition scope:
  Perfume, skin care, cosmetics, detergent and personal care products;
  Packaging, raw materials, machinery, OEM, ODM and other supply chain products.
  The professional beauty salon skincare, bodycare products and instruments; spa SPA products and equipment; hairdressing supplies and tools;
  Manicure products and tools; beauty makeup books, magazines and cosmetology school etc..
  W1 Museum -- skin care, personal care products
  W2 Museum -- perfume, make-up and make-up appliances
  W3 Museum -- perfume, make-up and make-up appliances, toiletries, baby care products
  W4 Museum -- the international packaging, cosmetic packaging material equipment
  W5 Museum -- daily chemical package material equipment Hall
  E1 Museum -- skin care, personal care, men's care products
  E2 Museum -- national groups, import agent products
  E3 Museum -- national groups, import agent products, international skin care products, toiletries, household cleaning, health care, retail franchise, other services
  E4 Museum -- national group, beauty salon and SPA products, beauty equipment, hairdressing products equipment and salon furniture, medical beauty
  E5 Museum -- national group, Manicure eyelashes Wenxiu products, beauty salon and SPA products, beauty equipment
  N1 International Group, OEM/ODM Museum --, cosmetic package material
  N2 Museum -- raw materials, cosmetics, daily chemical packing material equipment package material

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