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In 2015 China (Taiyuan) International Cosmetics Industry Expo

  Hold time: 2015/6/11---2015/6/13
  Expo: Chinese Coal Museum
  Industry: beauty salons
  The exhibition in Shanxi City: Taiyuan city |
  Organizer: Chinese International Trade Promotion Association of Asian economic and Trade Development Promotion Center China Beauty Network
  The exhibition area: 3500 square meters
  Professional focus on Chinese cosmetics industry brand building and integrated services, is committed to 15 years Chinese beauty industry. Global vision, Chinese layout. Has now developed into a Chinese beauty industry the first chain exhibition, a year 10 city 15 Beauty Expo, under which there are: Ji'nan Beauty Expo, Qingdao International Beauty Expo, Zhengzhou high-end Beauty Expo, Wuhan Beauty Expo, Kunming International Beauty Expo, Xinjiang International Beauty Expo, Taiyuan International Beauty Expo, Chongqing Mei Bo will, Hefei Beauty Expo, Hohhot Beauty Expo etc.. Qingdao Mei Bo culture communication service channel Co Ltd: exhibitions, magazine, network forum, meeting, training personnel, decoration and so on of the most effective resources integration information platform, to provide a full range of services for you; we all take the customer as the center, "our customers choose us, no effect is one of the most shameful" for the purpose, effect is the hard truth.
  Exhibition scope
  1 line: cosmetics, cleaning and personal care products, cosmetics, perfume, skin care products, infant oral beauty, oral care products;
  The 2 major lines: beauty salon skin care products, beauty products and equipment, health spa SPA products and equipment, tattoo, aromatherapy, Manicure products and tools, raw materials, OEM\ODM supply chain products;
  3: Xihu hair products dye products, hair products, hair products, hair raising development with ornaments, hairdressing equipment, hair accessories and fittings, instrument, salon furniture;
  4 plastic beauty: shaping equipment, instruments, shaping, shaping mechanism of biological gene technology, beauty products;
  5 packaging materials: packaging equipment, all kinds of containers, special bags, packaging printing;
  The 6 women's fashion products: jewelry, fashion jewelry, consumer products, beauty products, skin care salon, instruments, natural health products, gifts, gift box, handbag etc..
  7 other: professional media, education and training institutions.

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